these god damn nerds are lucky dinosaurs don’t exist anymore. you gonna front up to a t-rex and tell him he dont exist? he’ll fuck you up dont even matter that he got tiny ass arms


these god damn nerds are lucky dinosaurs don’t exist anymore. you gonna front up to a t-rex and tell him he dont exist? he’ll fuck you up dont even matter that he got tiny ass arms

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how come every vampire in vampire stories is a hundred years old tho why cant we get a newbie vampire like

"how long have you been 17"
“about a year and a half actually its kinda trippy”

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My Language, My Choice 
Pacific Lutheran University

Words can hurt.
Understand your impact.
Take responsibility.


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Go give your Librarian a hug. Well, go on!


Go give your Librarian a hug. Well, go on!

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After reading about gender-bias and conversation dominance in the classroom, I asked for a peer to observe a physics class I was teaching and keep track of the discussion time I was giving to various students along with their race and gender. In this exercise, I knew I was being observed and I was trying to be extra careful to equally represent all students―but I STILL gave a disproportionate amount of discussion time to the white male students in my classroom (controlling for the overall distribution of genders and races in the class). I was shocked. It felt like I was giving a disproportionate amount of time to my white female and non-white students.

Even when I was explicitly trying, I still failed to have the discussion participants fairly represent the population of the students in my classroom.

This is a well-studied phenomena and it’s called listener bias. We are socialized to think women talk more than they actually do. Listener bias results in most people thinking that women are ‘hogging the floor’ even when men are dominating.


Stop interrupting me: gender, conversation dominance and listener bias, by Jessica Kirkpatrick from Women In Astronomy

Implicit bias is a thing, just like privilege. Calling it out isn’t meant to shame anyone, but to alert us to step it up and improve ourselves so everyone can have a voice. Be conscious of what you and others are saying, and know when not to speak.

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cat: places paw tentatively on boob
me: please–
cat: presses paw down on boob
me: don’t–
cat: slowly, agonizingly walks across boobs

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Sexuality is fluid

you are permitted a maximum of one 3.4 oz (100 ml) bottle of sexuality per passenger, all bottles must be carried inside a ziplock bag and placed in a bin for inspection prior to boarding the aircraft

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that guy’s phone in the first panel became more high tech in tony stark’s presence

I am laughing so fucking hard

oh my god how did I miss that


tony stark literally upgraded a flip phone to a smartphone by being within three feet of it

People pass their old technology close to him for his blessing and lo! It is upgraded. The miracle of the flip into the smart shall be told unto the ages. 

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fyi the post that’s going around captioned “emma watson’s response to the nude photo leak threats” (or any variation thereof) of her showing her breasts isn’t real

it’s a photoshop of this picture she did for mariano vivanco and by reblogging that post you’re violating her just as much as the rest of the creeps threatening to release nude pictures of her

thanks, bye

Oh man this is really good to know.

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Morocco (1930). First onscreen kiss between two women.

I’m aware that this is, much like a lot of ‘lesbian erotica’ from this same era, often hailed wrongly as authentic queer history, simply a titillating performance for the male gaze.  The characters in question are a showgirl and an audience member; the kiss is for thrills, both for the specators in the film and for the film’s audience.  Yet the inclusion of the kiss was a deliberate addition on Marlene Dietrich’s part.  Dietrich, who herself was bisexual, insisted on the kiss and wrote it into the script with a very particular eye for continuity as to make it impossible for the censors to cut.  This was her first American film.  For her to be so gutsy and to show that much agency as to include a history making few seconds of kissing, is certainly worth talking about.  Even if the characters themselves aren’t necessarily queer, or the rest of the film is pretty regressive with respect to all sorts of issues, this is a fantastic moment.

And that is why I want to embody Dietrich’s character this halloween. 

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